Weekly Update

“My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was sixty. She’s ninety-seven now, and we don’t know where the heck she is.”

Ellen DeGeneres

Decided for various reasons not to try a 5K yesterday. My goal has been to complete a 5K every week. I began last week and I thought I did OK. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 47 min. I don’t remember completely. That all changed.

We were busy yesterday and when we returned home the kids had friends over, so I could not go anywhere until they left. I decided I had done well in working out this week 3 days at the gym and a great deal of walking for Halloween taking the kids around and as such I did not need to go to the gym. I even took a shower around 9pm and got ready for bed.

My kids friends did not leave until 11 PM, but for some reason I was wound up and knew I was not going to be able to sleep, so I decided to go to the gym for a light walk. The gym is only a couple blocks from where I live so less than 5 min. to get there.

I wore different clothes this time, sweats and along sleeve, because it was freezing! When I arrived I was the only person there and I thought I would walk a mile then lift some weights. However, because no one else was there to see my struggles, I thought why not just run at 4 MPH for as long as I can then workout.

During the mile I increased running and did a little walking, but when I was at 14 min. at the mile mark I was encouraged and decided to see if I could increase my 5K time. I went for it, but ran out of gas on the 3rd mile and ended adding two minutes to my time at 49 min. Just a brisk walk – light jogging pace. I was a little depleted because I had started out so well.

I was mad, so I decided at Midnight to still do some weights. I worked my legs till I could not feel them and then my abs, as these are the two areas that always hurt when I run.

All this is to say I did not sleep last night and can barely move today, but I will keep working at it till my next treadmill 5K on Friday.

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